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Fantastically Doctor Who
Calling ALL whovians, it does not matter if you are short, fat, skinny, tall, awkward, popular, antisocial, an alien, a priest, a shark or the president of al-Qaeda, or the queen or something,

A N Y W A Y S!

If you like Doctor Who, then this is the site for each and any one of you!
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Sonic Screwdriver Doctor Who

By the way, did I mention it also travels in time?

20/30 Doctor Who Series Two Episode Stills

#is he looking at her hand? #or his crotch? #or is the fact #billie piper #has her hand on him #the REASON he’s worried about his crotch? #QUESTIONS I RELLY NEED ANSWERED #STAT #IN FIC FORM #THANKS (via valueturtle)

FANGIRL CHALLENGE » 2/7 actresses → billie piper

“I love fresh flowers for my home. I spend far too much money on them, buying them almost every day.”

Karen and Matt @ Who Con ~ 24.3.12